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GRavity Open

Camille Balanche UCI Downhill Champion using the Gravity Open coaching training plan

Gravity Open Training Plan

Elite level training made

available to everyone.

  • Gravity specific

  • Easy to follow

  • Online App Account included

  • World Champion approved

3 month for CHF 199.- /month

6 month for CHF 189.- /month

Gravity Junior Training Plan

Elite level training for

junior athletes

  • Youth athlete specific

  • Easy to follow

  • Online App Account included

  • Junior World Cup Top 10 approved

3 month for CHF 99.- /month



"Thanks to Nic's help, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream - to compete in a downhill race. With Nic's training plan, I was able to improve massively in terms of my strength and endurance, which had a noticeable effect on my performance on the bike. The collaboration with Nic is excellent and his track record absolutely speaks for itself!" - Chris L., 37 y.o.

What you get

This training program is aimed at all gravity mountain bikers who want to improve their fitness, stay injury free and ride faster. Whether you are a novice rider or an advanced racer this training plan will get structure into your week and prepare you to perform your best on the trail.

Your Gravity Open Training Plan will be provided to you on the Online Training App "True Coach". All instructions as well as videos for each exercise will be displayed right on your phone. You can take notes, track your progress and use it as a training journal.

The programs consist of 2-3 sessions per week with the weekends free for riding. Gravity Open will require regular gym equipment like a squat rack with a barbell, kettlebells and or dumbbells and a pull up bar. Gravity Junior requires only one or two weights and can be done at home.

For more information please read the general conditions or get in touch.

Gravity Open Training Plan True Coach Online
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