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Nic Walser

I've been racing downhill and enduro for more than 16 years and still compete alongside my athletes. I have a masters degree in sport science, some of the highest certifications for a coach in Switzerland and experience not only in mountain biking but also as a strength and conditioning coach in many other sports (rowing, ice-hockey etc.). Working as a sport scientist in a renowned sports

clinic has allowed me to gain even more experience with injuries and return to sport protocols. This combination

of education and experience has led to a unique expertise for the mountain bike gravity disciplines.

I help mountain bikers ride better, stay injury free and win championships.


Coach Stats

  • UCI World Champion (Elite Women, 2020)

  • Overall UCI Word Cup Winner (Elite Women, 2022)

  • Overall IXS European Cup Winner (Elite Men, 2019)

  • Swiss National Champions (Elite and Junior)

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